Battery Reconditioning Ultimate Guide:

Yes you got it right.This is Ultimate Guide for Battery Reconditioning.

Here we will give a step by step guide on How To Recondition Batteries At Home? With this guide, we are sure that you will surely be able to recondition at home with little-required equipment and materials.

But before that let’s see the actual difference between recharging and reconditioning. Many people have the common misunderstanding that recharging and reconditioning are identical.

But it’s not true.

Recharging: Recharging means it will give charge only for a specific period after that again you have to do recharging of batteries.

Reconditioning: Reconditioning means it involves restoring the battery to its full capacity. You don’t need frequent recharges of batteries. Once you do recondition of batteries it will last a long as the new battery lasts.

What most people think when their battery starts malfunctioning and draining. These people primarily think of replacing the old battery with the brand new battery. They simply try to overcome this problem with this simple solution.

While this can be the only solution for those people. But we have got you another way that will save your money and will also give fully functional battery. That is called battery reconditioning.

battery Reconditioning

This is the simple way to bring life to old batteries. Recondition of batteries is the only solution to retrieve old batteries to a new one when they stop working. A reconditioned battery will work just like a new.

Most Important:

If you do recondition, this will save your money and also the impact on the environment will be less, i.e it will cause less pollution. By using the old batteries 50% impact of old batteries on the environment will be reduced, that will eventually make our planet healthier. As brand new batteries are expensive this will save our lot of money if we do recondition of batteries.

Battery Reconditioning is a simple procedure that everyone can learn, no matter if you don’t know anything about batteries. All you need is some time and required equipment and materials.

Once you learn to recondition we are sure that you will end up creating a new battery from the old battery. This new refurbished battery will have same power and features as the new.


We will discuss all the battery reconditioning methods,

how to recondition a car battery that won’t hold a charge,

how to recondition a laptop battery and at last how you can start your battery reconditioning business by restoring old batteries.

Let’s start with,

How To Restore a Car Battery:

How to recondition car battery

Here we will provide you a step by step guide on how to recondition a car battery?

Let’s see How it Works?

When it comes to the cars, cars always hold a 12v car battery and it is the most common battery that every car has. When your car battery gets dead then replacing your dead battery with the new one is not the solution.lead-acid-battery-car battery reconditining

Since car batteries are expensive and reconditioning car battery will save your money and also its impact on the environment will be less. Save your money and make the planet healthier by reconditioning car batteries.

12v car batteries are also known as Lead Acid Battery, they are derived as a lead-acid because this battery has lead terminal and Sulphuric Acid as an electrolyte.

Step by Step Guide On How To Recondition a Car Battery

Note: Electrolyte solution of battery consists of the mixer of sulphuric acid and water and it’s very dangerous to our skins. So its an advice to be careful when dealing.

Step 1: Cleaning Battery Posts.

The very 1st step of battery reconditioning is cleaning the terminals of the battery (Posts). Since it lasts for more than 4 years it is obvious that they must have build corrosion upon it. So make sure you clean the post properly s that all their corrosion formed will get washed away.battery reconditioning

We recommend using battery Post Cleaner. But here’s the second option you can have. Prepare your own battery post cleaning solution at home.

Take a tablespoon of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda, Mix the two properly until you get a runny paste. With the help of brush apply this paste on battery posts and start scrubbing. You will start noticing that a solution is foaming up at the posts.

It means that solution is reacting with post and removing the corrosion from the post. When you finished all the cleaning of posts now its time to check the current voltage of the battery.

So move on to the second step of battery reconditioning.

Step 2: Testing Voltages.

Always use a proper voltmeter to check the battery power and its cheap to buy it. Now connect your voltmeter to terminals properly. Ensure that voltmeter is connected properly.Checking battery voltages battery reconditioning

When you will connect voltmeter you will see the current condition. If you see 12.6v+ on voltmeter reading then your battery is in good condition. If you don’t see 12.4v+ or more on voltmeter reading then your battery needs reconditioning.

Note: If your battery shows 0 volts on a voltmeter that your battery has suffered a short circuit and this battery reconditioning method likely won’t fix that.

Once you got battery readings it will tell us whether you need to proceed with reconditioning or not. Always keep reading of battery voltages for future references.

Step 3: Cleaning Cells and Emptying Your Battery.

Once you proceed with reconditioning further,

Next step is to clean the whole battery from inside by removing all the old acid from it.lead battery reconditioning

Take a Flathead screwdriver and with the help of it remove all the caps of the battery. Your battery may have 2,3 or even more caps to remove. Remove this caps properly. Now take a bucket so that all the acid from the battery can be moved to it.

Never spill the acid directly as it is very dangerous to do so. When removing the acid always keep baking soda with you so that you can neutralize the effects of acid. If you spill the acid you can easily neutralize it with the help of baking soda.

Now clean the inside of your cells. To do so you need 1/2 gallon of distilled water and 1/2 gallon of baking soda. Prepare the mixtures of baking soda and distilled water properly. Pour this mixture into each cell till each cell is filled up.

Put the battery caps again and shake the battery for 30 secs or more. Now remove caps and empty your battery cells into the bucket of battery acid and baking soda.

This way all you will have an empty battery that is clean and ready for battery reconditioning.

Put 1/2 gallon of baking soda into the bucket that contains acid to neutralize the effect of acid. This way you will neutralize the battery acid so you can safely dispose of it later.

Step 4: Reconditioning Your Battery.

Now we have the empty battery that is totally clean so that we can now refill cells. We will prepare an electrolyte solution from distilled water and Epsom salt.

Let’s see how electrolyte solution is made?

Take a ½ gallon of distilled water and ½ lb Epsom salt and this is common battery reconditioning chemicals. We should boil the distilled water to make it easier for the Epsom salt to dissolve. Add Epsom salt to distilled water bit by bit so that all the Epsom salt will get dissolved properly, and we could see the clear water with dissolved Epsom salt.

Now electrolyte solution is ready for the battery reconditioning. Fill the battery cells with new electrolyte. This will increase voltage and current capacity of the battery. All the corrosion and other factors for discharging will get removed and now you have a fresh battery to get ready for it.

Step 5: Car Battery Reconditioning Charger

Now we have the fresh recondition battery and now it’s time to charge this battery. Get your battery reconditioning charger so that we connect it to the leads of the battery. car-battery-charger-battery-reconditioning

Connect positive lead (Red Cable) to the led terminal of the battery and connect negative(Balck Cable) to the negative terminal of the battery. slowly charge your battery to do so charging with 12v/2amp charge is the best option.

Keep the charging for 24 hrs or more. When the battery gets charge Unplug your charger before you disconnect your battery from the charger to avoid any sparks.

Now we have the fully charged reconditioned battery. Now take the voltage readings with the help of voltmeter and write it down. If you are seeing more than 12.43v then that’s good and we can proceed to a load test.

If you do not get more than 12.43v yet don’t worry, refill the battery cells fully and properly and put the battery on charge for another 12 hours. Hopefully, after this time you should now be seeing 12v+.

Step 6: Battery Reconditioning Load Test.

Simple procedure to do a load test of reconditioning is put your put your 12v car battery back into your car and connect it again.checking voltage of battery reconditioning

Do not start the engine simple turn on your high beams this will put your battery under load. With the voltmeter check the reading of the battery,

high beams (do not start the car engine) the high beams will d. Wait 5 minutes to remove any surplus charge. Then take a reading from your voltmeter, if it is reading more than 9.6v then the battery is in good condition. If it’s under 9.6v then the battery reconditioning process still needs some work.

Hope you all got to know How To Restore a Car Battery.

How To Recondition a Laptop Battery:

How to recondition laptop battery

Reconditioning a Laptop Battery, we will tell you the possible ways by which you can save your laptop battery. Replacing the old with the new one is not the complete solution.

Why waste more $100 for a new if you can recondition the old battery of the laptop.

All these are simple ways and you can do them by yourself. Laptops that have removable batteries are much simpler to do this, but you can also try these steps on laptops with non-removable batteries too.

Never try these solutions on new one because this will have a negative effect on battery and battery will get damaged.

Let’s see,

How to Recondition an Old Laptop Battery, and use them as a laptop battery for more time.

As the time passes all the battery loses its efficiency subjecting to the more heat and variable charge/discharge cycles.

Different laptops come with different batteries. The most common types of laptop batteries are:

Nickel-cadmium (NiCad);
Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH);
Lithium Ion (Li-Ion);
A basic guide for Laptop Batteries.

Latest laptops come with Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. the laptop has fully packed with it.

First, you must always try with a battery reconditioning software and running a full charge cycle on the battery. By doing so you will get to know whether you’ll have to replace the dead cells inside the laptop battery pack or not.

Check this,

Solution 1: Resetting Your laptop.

It’s the simple solution to get better battery life, all you have to do is reset your laptop. Though it is not that much success but most people have said that this is an effective solution.reset laptop battery reconditioning

Fully charged laptop battery till 100% and leave the laptop for 2-3 hours.
Now, unplug your laptop and wait until the battery is completely empty and your laptop is turned off.
Leave it in this state for 5 hours.
Again recharge the battery until it is fully charged up to 100%.
This solution will increase the battery life and will make you more accurate info about the battery levels of the laptop.
Solution 2: Fully Charge Laptop Battery.

This method is time-consuming but it is more effective.

Plugin and Charge the laptop up to 100 %.
Now, wait until it is almost empty.
Plug it in again and recharge it again to 100%.
Again empty the whole battery.
Repeat the procedure several times, until you get a reconditioned battery.
Solution 3: Remove Battery out of the Laptop

If your laptop has a removable battery then this is a very simple method for you.

Plug the Laptop charger and leave it for a charge.remove battery laptop battery reconditioning
See that battery is fully charged.
Now remove the fully charged battery from the laptop.
If your laptop cannot function properly without a battery, this procedure won’t be effective.
But by doing this, life will be extended. because when you remove the battery from the laptop it will stop the chemical process in the battery and you will reset it
As the end result, your battery will be able to recharge a lot better and stay full for a longer period of time.

Solution 4: Configure Laptop Power Settings

Follow this laptop setting and you will get good battery life.

First, configure your laptop so that it will allow the laptop battery to be fully discharged.
Turn off all the power saving options that you have running on your laptop.
To do this you need to navigate to your control panel > System and Security > Power options.
Now you will want to select the high performance pre-set and then click “change plan settings” and make sure that all drop boxes have “Never” selected.
You will find other options in the “change advanced power settings” which if you are comfortable using it.
We would suggest you set a critical battery level to 1% then critical battery action to hibernate.
Make sure that laptop will not go to sleep or hibernate before the battery dies.
This helps in getting the full discharge/charge process of battery properly. This will surely expand your battery life.
Solution 5: Reducing Temperature of Laptop

reducing laptop battery reconditioning.

Temperature really affects the life, More the temperature more will be battery draining. So reducing the temperature of your laptop will have a positive effect on the battery life.

All you need is high-quality laptop cooler, cooler with open fans are most preferable. Place the laptop on the cooler this will reduce the temperature of the battery and the laptop, so the battery will last longer.

This way battery temperature will be reduced and you will get good battery life for sure.

Hope you guys get the improvement in your laptop battery life after using this laptop battery reconditioning method.

By using above methods you will recalibrate the laptop battery. And also solve any memory problems your battery cells may have developed. Sometimes it so happens that the battery controller in laptops loses track of how much capacity the batteries have and it uses it.

By following above methods you will reset the battery settings and battery cycles and you will see an improvement in it.

If you find this laptop battery reconditioning method worked for you then please share with your friends and family.

Battery Reconditioning: Step by Step Guide On How Does Battery Reconditioning Work.

Hope you guys find this Battery Reconditioning Guide helpful. Now you might have got a clear idea on how to recondition a car battery, how to make laptop battery last long.

battery Reconditioning

If you have any questions and doubt regarding battery reconditioning methods then please do let us know.

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