Battery Reconditioning Business Explained (Step-by-Step)–>

This is Battery Reconditioning business which helps to save our nature and our well being. Technology evolved over a decade and given us ideas and opportunities.

If not full time, secondary income can be generated easily. Just by making little hard work you can make the battery reconditioning business.

People are becoming more and more aware of the environment and adopting cost-effective and energy-saving ways. Ohh but…some people don’t give a shit about the environment they only want to save some money on their batteries.

So give them what they want.eventually, you’re making lots of money and also saving nature.

I want to say it is gradually increasing business. Trust me. This will be a hit in coming years(as cars and mobile demand increases).

Almost everyone will prefer to get reconditioned their own battery because

New Good car battery cost about $150-$200.


You can recondition any battery at $30-$40.


If you could sell that for a $100. That’s great.And every battery is almost in chemical and structural aspect. So if you gain some knowledge about that then your business goes well 90% of the time.

This is just for CAR Batteries, what if you could also restore Mobile(cell phones) battery, golf battery and also solar panels.

Think about it. Profit Potential for this business is good.

Look at the battery reconditioning business with Clarity and Confidence.

I will get to the Point.

It is not easy as it seems.

But I also want to tell that

Nothing worthwhile comes easy. otherwise, everyone could do that and make money.

It requires little attention while leaning and little hard work.

Right Direction. Few essential tools. Willing to do little dirty work.

then only you can make it happen.

Battery lead plate involves some crystals of acid that built upon plates over a period of time.

Certain chemicals are used for this.

Once all these cleared from the plate.Original battery energy is stored up to 85-90%.

This process requires little of hard work.

But at the end of the day, it does PAY. 😉

Here’s real quick and Right way to start an online business.

How to start a battery reconditioning business with confidence.

I insist you take your own time and get good command over reconditioning batteries.


You’ll be restoring old batteries from

Cars (General cars, golf carts etc.)
Batteries used in wheelchairs and surgical devices.
Solar Panesls
Laptop Batteries
Cell Phone batteries.
Everything that contains a Lead acid battery.
Just seek enough to find old batteries.

Clean and restore them


Then resell them with a limited warranty.

You can also take a fee to restore them in the car.

The battery industry is quite wide enough to get you lot of business.


Few steps to do before getting started.

Find Profit Potential to Inspire Yourself in Battery Reconditioning Business.

For people like me, money inspires. Creates passion.

Once you see some really good money coming in then you’ll get more inspired.

Create Passion by estimating Profit Potential in Battery Reconditioning Business.

Nothing is more important than below step.

Get yourself with bundled with Skills and Knowledge.

Skill is the value you’re going to provide to your customers. If they found you absolutely good with batteries then, they will come back to you again and again.

They will spread your business by telling people how they reconditioned their battery profitability. You don’t even have to market your business.

Equipe yourself with knowledge and essential resource.

You don’t even need any certifications to start your business.

Some skills like measuring charge, capacity, restoring dead cells and removing battery banks.


By now, if you trust me,

You can learn almost 95% of knowledge in just matter of days from Right Person, Right guide.

It is comprehensive.

Or else,

You have the option to take long root by trial and error all year by yourself.Then also you not gonna get enough knowledge.

Get your Business Plan Sketched.

I know it is bit boring task.but it is very essential to hold business on track and for the growth of the business.

It will describe

Goals of your Battery Reconditioning Business
It’s objectives.
Deep Analysis of the market.
Financial budget of the business.
Analysis of market
Projected Earnings
Other relevant data.
Get your Business registered and Legalised.

This is an unavoidable step.

You’ve to get this done ASAP.

You need to register your business and fulfill all the legal requirements as per your state rules.

Register good business name which is relevant and people could easily remember that.

If you don’t know anything about all this nonsense.Consult with a local agency.

Start your business at Elegant Location.

One of the things I most like about business is …You can run it from your house.

But if you children then you don’t have to.

Because it contains hazardous chemicals which could harm their health.


You can always a dedicate a part of your compound, away from children and visitors.


Rent a cheap place while starting out.


Take your butt off.

Get to the work.

Work hard.

Get satisfied with yourself. Make yourself feel good.

Purchasing all necessary Equipment.

You’ll need some equipment.

Battery Charger
Battery Additives
Electronic battery analyzers
Some testers
Also, you’ll need some furniture too.

Marketing your Battery Conditioning Business

Something gets hard when it comes to business.

Every business owner will tell you this.

Well, you’ve to follow our resource to get knowledgeable at this. Click on Red Image on SideBar.

This contains all business plan and marketing strategies to dominate your clients.

Get loyal clients by offering something more than the competition.

Distribute Business cards. Use digital marketing for your business.

Advertise in local newspapers.

Think where your ideal -potential customer is. Think hard.

Hope you like this Battery Reconditioning Business.

Finally, I want to tell you…

Nothing worthful comes easy.otherwise, everyone would do that.

Work hard. And

Make it happen.

You can definitely do that.

Best Luck. 😊