Battery Reconditioning using Epsom Salt Method

This is the method actually used for Battery Reconditioning Epsom salt.

Dead Batteries found in your CAR, motorcycle, tractor, boat, golf cart or EV are called LEAD ACID BATTERIES.

LEAD ACID BATTERIES are the most economical and simple structured in nature.

And Fortunately, you can Recondition that at home with very few inexpensive ingredients.

The main con of the Lead Acid battery is heavy and get dead when left discharged for short period of time.The lead-acid battery does best when they get fully charged.epsom salt battery reconditioning

To get your battery new life get EPSOM SALT(magnesium sulfate).where the hell you will get this stuff? The answer is at Department store.It is so cheap. like 4lbs of Epsom salt for $2.40 at Wal-mart. and 2 gallons of distilled water for $1.46.

Don’t use tap water or well water.

So, let’s start:

Following things you will need:

Your Battery which you want to recondition
Epsom salts(magnesium sulphate)- 200g(7oz) [Price:$8-9 ]
400ml(12oz)-Distilled Water [Price: $5-$6]
A battery Charger [Price: $18-$20]
A syringe or Dropper [Price:$3-$4 ]

Steps for Battery Reconditioning using EPSOM Salt

Take the battery out of your Vehicle.Put it on some solid workbench or something where you’ll get firm support.epsom-salt-battery-out-of-vehicle
Now, Each battery will have something different when it comes to packing them.Like some batteries will have sealed caps with screws.Otherwise, batteries having “sealing stripe”.taking-out-sealed-caps-of-lead-acid-battery image credit:larkinweb


You may need to cut that sealing stripe.It is easy. Almost removable.

Once it is removed, you need to take the caps off the battery from individual that you will get battery acid.

Now, use the syringe or dropper(carefully) to drain[cause water to run out] each cell one by one and step-by-step until they are all around 50-60% full.
dropper epsom salt


If some cell probably will have lower than those of other cells.

So, exchange some acid from fuller cells.

Don’t take too much acid out, then you’ll struggle to recharge.

This is a strong acid, so put in the glass container.Don’t mess with this.Be careful.

Here’s come part of some Epsom salt.
You have to make a mixture of Epsom salt and distilled water.epsom salt and distilled water

You have to make it saturated.

Do this by boiling water and stir continuously in more salts until no more will dissolve in the water.

It’s time to fill each cell with an Epsom salt solution to the full-level-line using syringe or dropper.

Now, Charge Battery 😊
While battery being reconditioning, some gases will be, you should leave the cap open for some time.epsom battery charger

Connect the terminal to the battery charger.

And let it complete charging cycle.

Sometimes battery gets heavily drained or damaged.In this case, it may have to charge overnight using trickle charger at a very low amperage.

If you don’t have a battery charger. don’t worry we have another option.

Replace the battery cell caps and covers.

Reinstall battery into the vehicle.(car, golf car etc.)

Now jump start it.

Take a car for half of the full hour drive to allow the battery to charge using an alternator.

Now, this reconditioned battery at least last for 6 months or a year.

7.This can be done for more than 4-5 times until it is no longer effective.

here’s ultimate guide for battery reconditioning.

Theory Behind Battery reconditioning using Epsom salt:

You know why lead-acid batteries die more often?

It is due to there is an accumulation of Lead Sulphate Crystals on the plates inside the battery.[battery consists of a lot of plates inside.]

Actually, a battery is a small chemical plant which stores and restores energy into its plate.

They get charged with an electrolyte. The electrolyte is a mixture of distilled water and sulphuric acid.

When a battery gets discharged, what actually happens is a lead active material which is from positive plates reacts with the sulphuric acid and produces lead sulfate.

Now, this process is reversed to sulphuric acid again.

The battery fails when excess lead sulfate is built upon crystals which do not allow sulphuric acid to make contact with sections of the plate.

These crystals harden and eventually cause a chemical imbalance in the electrolyte.

Hope you’re getting this simple theory concept.

And tells us is this working for you?

Shoot us a mail if you have any questions, we’ll answer thoroughly.

Have a great day 😊