How to Repair Dry Battery get 100% Energy Back at home

batteries back to life again the methods are so simple to do she even said her son is even using them now and with these simple techniques you can not only save thousands of dollars over your lifetime by reusing old batteries instead of buying new overpriced batteries you also have the ultimate peace of mind because if the batteries and your family’s essential electronics vehicles or devices ever die when you need them most like in a power outage you’ll be able to bring those batteries back to life again in a matter of minutes so you and your family are never without important even life-saving devices when you need them most if this interests you and you really need to watch this short presentation today while it’s still up this is probably not like anything you’ve ever seen before and I should warn you that in a couple minutes you’ll probably be upset you’ve been paying so much for new overpriced batteries over the years I don’t know how much longer I can leave this free presentation up so watch this right now while you still can before we continue let me quickly tell you who I am and the shocking way I discovered this at first I didn’t want to tell you this story it’s painful and felt too private to share however these painful events led us to the incredible discovery that now lets us bring nearly any type of dead battery back to life again which has already saved my wife and I thousands of dollars and has even allowed us to power our home with off-grid energy and I know this is far too important to hide so here’s what happened now like I mentioned my name is Tom Erikson I live right outside of Charleston South Carolina with my wife and three children it all started the day my wife anxiously whispered in my ear it’s either food for the kids or this battery I was standing next to her in the mechanic shop and I remember the look of fear and anxiety in her face when she said that it was heartbreaking that was a shame things had come to this my car’s battery should have lasted another two years and with my hours at work recently getting cut back my wife and I couldn’t afford another brand new battery right now we were already barely scraping by and needed the last two hundred dollars in our bank account for bills and more importantly to buy food to feed our children that week so when the mechanic told us it would be a hundred and eighty dollars to replace my car’s battery it felt like a dagger in my heart three weeks prior we spent a hundred ninety dollars on another new battery for my wife’s SUV and that battery should have lasted another year and a half we also had to replace my laptop battery a few double-a and triple-a batteries even my drill battery all in the same month with our tight funds it was a financial nightmare but this new car battery was gonna push our total battery expenses to over $450 this month and I knew if we purchase this new car battery it would be the final nail in our family’s financial coffin the situation felt desperate and at this time I didn’t know much about batteries and just figure there wasn’t much I could do I thought batteries die and when they do you have to replace them with new expensive batteries so when we were left with the decision to either get a new car battery or used the last $200 in our bank account to purchase food to feed our children that week the decision was pretty easy so we left the mechanic shop in my wife’s car and shared rides for the next three weeks while I searched around to see if we had any other options besides buying a new expensive battery for my car I searched everywhere and talked to anyone who knew anything about batteries but it seemed like we had no other options I was devastated and just when things were starting to look hopeless I discovered the secret that finally changed everything for our family I met a man named Frank Thompson now I used to work for a golf cart company and often times we’d get in old golf carts and the used batteries and the golf carts would be completely dead so we’d have to take them out and replace them and by the end of each month would always have a huge collection of old dead batteries just lying around but like clockwork there used to be a man named Frank Thompson that would come by each month to collect the dead batteries we used to call Frank the battery man my manager had no clue why he always wanted our dead batteries he was just glad to get rid of them so they were out of our way but Frank must have known something about dead batteries that we didn’t otherwise why would he spend all of this time hauling them away for free so the following month when Frank came in again I nearly cornered him and asked him what he did with all of our old dead