How to restore a lithium-ion battery. Best IMAX B6 Charger

how to recover lithium ion battery that stopped you give stress due to deep overdischarge for this we need such a wonderful device chinese clone charging imax b6 cost about 20 dollars and a multimeter, of course, for start checking the battery set it in voltage measurement mode and look how it is known black wire then ground two red this is plus and tester shows some millivolts there is essentially a voltage it does not give out however does not give out voltage itself battery controller we see here two outputs one of them minus 2 plus who go directly with the lady battery on the controller here there is a voltage of 26 volts of course for lyte is very small but in order wound up the controller and began to issue voltage we need to charge the battery up to at least 3.2 volts and then the controller will understand that the battery principle discharged but the controller I’ll start to understand you need a negative wire crocodile pick up the ground on the red wire on power tester while we remove I will not charge with high current, select the mode charging lithium polymer batteries here the voltage is 37 volts of one can I’ll probably put the result on the charge current in 1 1 quite safe to charge Confirm attack and look the charge has gone grows on the bank was 26 when charging she grew to 297 after some time voltage reaches 3.2 volts i turn off the charger device and most likely the batteries will start already fully working that is, we can throw you a tablet in this case since in the tablet thread or in I charge the phone and the theme of the format I’m probably going to disconnect as this the process can be quite long Well, judging by the testimony of the charger the device is currently on the bank it charging time three and a half volts then if you remove the charge will be a little less but nonetheless we can already check if the controller itself gives a charge voltage look fine three s half a volt that is now try to connect the charger battery voltage three point almost tenths of a volt and look at conclusions there is voltage behind the controller now this battery will be perceived tablet and will be charged that is we can say that we restored perry low battery can do this mobile phone batteries with laptop batteries true first of course he will achieve it to disassemble and look a little his will lose