Lead acid battery maintenance

Invented more than 100 years ago, the lead-acid battery still remains an important energy storing device. This type represents the oldest classification of rechargeable battery. Being quite inexpensive led to their successful usage especially in the automobile industry as opposed to high-performance and new technologies. It is well-known for providing high current for automobile starter motors and vehicles.

Even today, the lead-acid battery is an essential element and should not be ignored or overlooked. Whether in hospitals to maintain high power speed or in cell phone towers as backup power, these batteries are reputable. However, without a healthy battery, the activities stand still. We’re responsible for extending their lifespan. In this article, we will discuss about lead acid battery maintenance tips.

Proper Storage

All batteries including lead-acid batteries should be stored property under the guidelines of storage specifications. One measure is to store them at proper conditions and proper temperatures. Most batteries require around 59 degrees Fahrenheit or a temp of 15 degrees Celsius. If you want to maintain your lead-acid battery, ensure a full-charge during storage. Also, before using it whether new or old, it’s advisable to first check the specific gravity and voltage. After that, charge it until 70%. Needless to say, keep your lead-acid battery away from excessive heating and freezing. Keep them in a cool and dry space.

Cleaning Battery & Its Terminals

When we talk about cleaning the lead-acid battery, we simply men removing the corrosion from its surface and its terminals. In most cases, you’ll find white powder on the terminals. For this purpose, just use warm water plus a small amount of baking soda (use a tablespoon). Keenly remove the battery slowly using the rubber gloves. Remember that this white powder is toxic when it comes into contact with your skin. All you’re left with ii applying this solution over the lead-acid battery case. On the other hand, use a brush to clean its terminals. With this, the terminals will be free from corrosion.

Inspect the Battery Electrolyte Level

If you want your battery to last, keep on inspecting the electrolyte level. Let it be a maintainable battery. Ensure the battery has enough electrolyte covering the plates. If it is not sufficient, top up and add. Nonetheless, don’t overfill the fluid because its level will rise once this power energy device if fully charged. Be cautious because it may overflow. Only use demineralized or distilled water and never top using sulphuric acid.

Use a Battery Maintainer/Charger

If your vehicle has been idle for a few months, use a battery maintainer or charger to keep your lead-acid battery properly charged. Many batteries soon become useless and dead if you fail to charge them. Therefore, a battery charger is an essential device that helps your battery to have the desired voltage output.

To wrap it up, always inspect your lead-acid regularly. Overlooking the condition of your battery might land you in trouble. I hope the above tips will assist you when it comes to maintenance. For one, inspect the electrolyte level, clean your battery and its terminals, ensure proper storage and use a battery maintainer. With that, your battery will always be healthy and will neither disappoint nor annoy you.