Reconditioning car batteries – a Manual

But, it is a process that makes sense to many folks because they don’t recognize that a battery which appears to be dead, an, if subjected to the right reconditioning procedure, begin working again.

There are two varieties of lead-acid batteries.

In one, the cells have caps and therefore are actually available when those caps are unscrewed, and at the other the cells have been sealed.

You have to be very careful your drill does not permeate the plates themselves, or harm any of those terminals within the cell. Drill with a whole lot of control.

How to go about it…

Now, you need to add in some magnesium sulfate – about a quarter of a kilogram should be quite decent. You need to make sure the magnesium sulfate dissolves and also to guarantee.

It appears to be pretty much standard procedure to throw out an old battery which has gone dead. Since it entails buying a brand-new battery that’s normally extremely costly it’s also rather a costly process.

You empty out the cells of these bolts and you replace the liquid inside with all the liquid that you have prepared. You can use a funnel to make certain that none of those magnesium sulfate mixture spills as you pour it into every cell.

Today, you want to use a trickle charge to charge the battery.

It may actually have to be left charging for anything involving twelve to twenty hours until it is fully charged. At this point, discharge it completely and charge it all over again. That’s it, your battery ought to be operational.

Another step really depends upon what sort of battery you have, which is to say, whether each cell of the battery is sealed, or if there are caps that screw off that permit you to access the cells of the batterylife.

The very first thing to do is to examine the voltage of this battery, also for this you need a multi-meter.

Connect a multi-meter to the batterylife, and see what reading you get. If the reading of the battery is under twelve volts but nevertheless not below 11.7 volts, there is a good likelihood which you could re install the battery and bring it back into working order.

After this, the procedure is precisely the exact same for both types of battery.

When the cells of the battery have caps which you can unscrew, then all you want to do is, of course, to unscrew the caps and then start the cells of the battery. But if it’s a battery, you will have to drill through each cell’s cover .

I might point out that the primary cost in this procedure is that the charger itself. I’d advise you to borrow a charger from someone who has it, rather than buying it the first time if you are looking for the first time.

The very first thing you need to do would be to take about a liter of water and begin to heat it. Please note as ordinary water contains many dissolved minerals which will disrupt the processes within the battery, that the water has to be distilled water. So water it’s. Bring it below the boiling point of water to just small.