swollen battery repair battery antenna

Well, my battery broke badly it works even the charge holds it genuine samsung battery rechargeable but it swelled and the screen some swelled for this battery and use it is no longer possible although it is in electric working well I know that there are people who clean this defect grandchildren and rechargeable the battery still works principle there is such a place here special thing conductive stock to these contacts and maybe here some other even electronic parts are worth it I don’t know exactly, but I need this part open and there is a hole technical through which air can be released the battery is blown away then do it after how follows and can again use it until the next accumulation air maybe it will be a very long time since this is my air accumulated noticed Well, at least six months or even a year for I got this state, but I thought that why do such problems because if I I’ll hide everything completely, and we put everything thin wiring that can be accidentally break it off soldering it’s complicated activities on this I will make it easier I I get to the very beginning of this pocket in which air try through god pierce a hole to let air out as it is inconvenient to do this here do carefully for nothing to close so i will do it without viewing I will show what happened second this is the net which shows the naturalness of this battery it is visible here when the battery is not yet disassembled Well, this grid, it guarantees naturalness and contact as you see court comes out I really don’t know she apparently this antenna works from the same batteries for what it works but quite can be used to your phone has always been observable then have you put antennas here and always powered directly by battery so she eats straight turn off the battery in this way you phone or not working for you antennas and always catches your phone even off state but it doesn’t us excites us excites what will happen under Beijing skeleton to release air again second so i pierced in this spot in this place pierced the battery steaming air out of it such air but I pierced it in in the wrong place if I pierced it was necessary to pour glue here and everything would be great then back stick but I pierced so that now I think you should not insert it since I I do it from the experience of the masters and of course I myself will not insert such a battery, but anyway if you want to suffer you can lift this do correctly raise this plastic the thing here is the technical hole but it will either be a ball or often sealed you need to push the ball and then you do not hurt anything here exactly like me why do I think that I hurt either because liquid poured here naturally which should be well there something else I didn’t like therefore but what’s interesting was that the antenna which is not clear for what there are things that is your battery always cable this antenna and dogs and on straight to to the battery in order to find out what they are doing with batteries and that we are always with someone unknown in touch it was worth disassembling a new battery by marking that it is natural I’m on just in case acquired until and here I removed this plastic here I am she took off very easily removed and here this bun turned out to be her pierce here most likely here she soldered had to produce everything in this place and blow off the battery if I did it right maybe it went with me better thing but anyway I think that it is dangerous and risky because battery batteries but you never know what will happen to her put it will even work as well because the phone goes bad therefore, this method can be used it makes sense, but I would not risk it good luck